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1 April, 00 00 00:00 | Update: 1 April, 01:23

Directed by Mahmudur Rahman Himim for promoting TV as a citizen in Pahela Baishakh, B-drama. Here Ziaul Faruk Apurba and Mehjabin Chowdhury executed. The play is called defective.

In terms of the act, Mehjabin said, “I went on to play Miss Understanding's Apur in the drama on Love day. Following on from the same director, we have played the sometimes played Baishakh played when there are two Baishakhs. The courage of love is much loved, loved by love. As the story, I got it. I hope the audience will also enjoy it.

Director Heimi said, “Those found side by side in times of difficulty are the real friends. This case was largely achieved in the drama. "Mehjabin will be shown in the play by Muhammad Mustafa Kamal Raj, Silver Mizanur Rahman, Mohitul Mohim, Imraul Rafat, along with a number of other plays.

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