'Follow' Tasveer for the tragedy Banani & # 39;

Fire at fireplace in Banani

Fire at fireplace in Banani

General Secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, general secretary of the BNP, involved in the national committee and the president of Kurigram BNP Tasveer-ul-Islam, was arrested and defeated the fire. in the Tower of FR.

In the statement, he said that Tasveer-ul-Islam had been arrested in order to outlaw the misery of the government failure as a result of a devastating fire in the FR Ban corridor.

This information was received on Sundays as a warning by the secretary of BNP's joint office, Taiful Islam Tipu.

In a statement of complaint, the BNP General Secretary said that the owner or builder of that building was not Tasveer-ul Islam. He bought a flat from the builder or builder. It can therefore not be held to account in any way. Tasveer-ul-Islam was arrested by affecting only the power to make the BNP responsible.

He said the government is trying to make the government innocent by eliminating the debts caused by the accident in the country due to serious mismanagement of government bodies like the Fire Service. positives and government fire following a regular policy of building multi-story buildings.

He also said that, during the government period, the rod was replaced by bamboo construction, after the building, its construction, without the copyright of the building's technical equipment, permission to carry out feed and commercial activities and to authorize the construct fire safety buildings and codes. It is normal for people to live at risk from time to time. The government has full responsibility.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that people at this government had the opportunity to die. Extraordinary death, morbidity, accidents and death are now winners In the Churches of Chawkbazar, FR Tower Banani, the Gulshan market on Saturday, the fire was spreading in different locations, just in the case of- t the sadness of the tragedy.

"It says that the indemnity of the auto-government in the UK is very busy making sense of political interests rather than good governance in the country because of the public interest in making good public." Consequently, almost every day of the sudden death of the people, the Awajari view made the air and air heavier.

BNP's general secretary said, "The government is trying to totally discard the mud, because it hasn't fully protected people's lives. The president of BNP Parish of Kurigram Tasveer -the Islam is a sufferer in the blaze. Firemen were arrested and arrested unfairly – politically motivated, I am condemned as politicians. arrest and complain and ask for immediate release.

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