Fraahi in one case –

Four years ago the charges against Farabi had not been declared in this case
The judge, Muhammad Cyber, made the decision on Wednesday to let him off
As Shams Jaglul Hossain.

Judge Shamim Ahmed confirmed the case to court.

Farabi 2015 blogger Abhijit Roy, the Sylhet award-winning prize
Some cases, including the murder, are also charged.

Before the conclusion of the decision, Farabi was made in court from jail.

In facebook
Promote remarkable speech reports and threats to writers and journalists
In the complaint submitted under the Information Technology Act provisions, on 14 March 2015, at Ramna Police Station, Farabi said: t
This is against the case.

Abhijit murder
The Inspector Fazlur Rahman, the officer investigating at the time, made the case.
Do it.

Farabi 2013
Threats to kill high on the internet from 1 November, 2014 to 21 August, 2014 t
It is said that the case was given.

Publisher Taslima Nasrin published a text of Bangladesh Daily Editor Naeem
Nizam is also said to have been in danger of killing.

On 30 November 2015, the claim bill was registered against Farabi
Police. On 5 April 2016, the court lodged a charge against him. Giving evidence in the case

No. 26 of 2015
After returning from the book fair on February evening, Suhrawardy Udyan on the north side of the TSC
A Muktomana blog blogger was swept to death on a nearby path
Abhijit Roy, writer against the organization

In facebook
Farabi threatened to kill Abhijit, a former student of Chittagong Farabi University.
After Abhijit's death on social networking sites he has a new debate
Coming soon.

On behalf of the website of the Farabi Bengali books sale, which works different times
He threatened to send the book Abhijith Roy from

Abhijit murder
Earlier in February 2013, Ahmed Rajib Haider, activist of Shahbag, had a blogger
It gave Facebook status by risking Imam to teach Janaza
Farabi son of Brahmanbaria.

That year 24
Farabi Police from the number gate number at the Chittagong University in February
To be arrested. Use Facebook to destroy the image of Imam, ICT
A trial in Dhaka made a prosecution in June. But the High Court
Farabi was released from prison on 21 August, 2013.

After his murder, Farabi was arrested on 2 March of that year. Fancy with her
Pass the police on 14 March against the six accused in court
Terrorism Unit

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