His brother's request had not been fulfilled. Nusrat went away

Madrasa students burned the fire at the examination center.

Madrasa students burned the fire at the examination center. Photo: Collected

Just because my sister will come back. But his brother was not asked to fulfill it. Madrasa madrasa Nasrat, Jahan Rafi, went in Weni.

He died on Wednesday at 9pm on Life Support. In a special interview by Jugantar Online on Wednesday, he told his older brother about the event.

Jugantar: How many brothers and sisters?

Oldest brother Nusrat: Three brothers, one sister.

Jugantar: Are you the oldest person?

Brother: Yes.

Jugantar: And how much is our sister (Nusrat)?

Brother: Third.

Jugantar: What happened on that day? We heard that you had sent in a case before the event. So if this event tells us a bit?

Brother: A case was recorded on 27 March. To make their propaganda curtabhaba. Then on 6 April it was set on fire.

Jugantar: Do you think you took the exam that day?

Brother: Yes.

Jugantar: What happened that day saying a little?

Brother: There were 2 tests before the date of 6. There have been two tests taken. But why can't I enter the exam through the 6th? If I could get in, the fire would not have been my sister.

On that day when Nusrat was taken to the test, a girl said he killed Nishat. As he went off, Nusrat went off and saw that there was no girl called Nishat. After that, there were four burqaps, two of them spoke and two did not speak.

Banners, preferably glasses, used their glasses. And they had gloves in their hand. They said the force, which was brought against the lord, was completely wrong. It was an Yeh, or it is true. I will complain against this.

After these things, and well. One of them was named Campa Naqi. They said these things. After he said, he burning fire.

Jugantar: Then how did you take it here?

Brother: When I didn't have permission to go in, my class had one, Madrasa's brother. Then his brother, who is calling on his brother, that my brother was not allowed to go in, you can see that you are sitting right in a madrassa. His brother, 5 minutes, had to tell me, Noman is set on fire. Then I was facing a madrassa and I came quickly. I came in quickly that the police stopped me going into the fire. She was taking him to CNG. Then the policeman said that if you were introducing me, this incident would not happen. He was later taken to Sonagazi Hospital. Then Feni was taken.

Jugantar: How is your sister's corporate situation now?

Brother: Now, progress is not now understood. But the doctor said he was a bit imposing.

Jugantar: Well, that's a little better than you have ever been. When will you go to Singapore or what the doctors said about this?

Brother: The First Minister said that if he had a situation in Singapore, he would be away. It should have been raised yesterday (9th March). But the five hours he can take to Singapore can go to his sister's plane or life after they were released from Sarpot. It is still being considered and that is not. And on the Singapore council, it is handled in Bangladesh.

Jugantar: So now the situation is a little better than before?

Brother: It is not understood that this is burnt.

Jugantar: Who is responsible for this event, or will you be notified about the objector?

Brother: Normally, it has been supporting the principles and if Nuruddin is arrested they will all be outside.

Jugantar: Who is Nuruddin really?

Brother: Nuruddin Madrasa student. When this event happened to my sister earlier, I had a human chain for my experiment. Nuruddin is also familiar with the main principle of character. It does everything by the lord. That's why he did this by the lord's side.

Jugantar: What is your request for the whole country?

Brother: One of my sisters Nusrat Jahan May Allah will take it back to his parents. And wish that all the people of the country will want Nusrat to come back in order to recover.

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