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How do you get khadija?

How do you get khadija?

Khadiza Akhter Nargis, a student at Sylhet Government College, was injured in the attack

Khadiza Akhter Nargis (25), a student at Sylhet Government Women's College, was injured in the attack.

And like everybody, he returned to normal life. He is healthy from both sides of body and mind. He has been learning to study, talk with his friends and travel with his family, he can do everything himself.

But every step is done by the advice of doctors.

Khadija's uncle Abdul Kuddus, Monday (8 April) said the media had said.

It is studied that he took part in a year test at level III two months ago. The results are expected to be good.

Khadija's uncle Abdul Kuddus said, "Our daughter has fought a life-cycle. She is now perfectly healthy and normal. From the survey he can do everything about two months ago. Khadija also got a third year test, and we are hopeful, but he will do well in the exam.

His father, Masuk Mia, in exile and his elder brother Shahin Ahmad, are also delighted to hear about the change in Khadijah's physical and mental state. Abdul Kuddus said he had spoken to Khadija every day.
But the management of Khadiza continues, she said.

He added that we are looking after him according to the advice of doctors. Follow her handling. His progress was recognized. Why does it go into the rules? Khadiza takes time for family and friends to retire.

On the return journey home on 3 October 2016, Khadiza was attacked by a surprise attack on Badrul Alam, a Papal in MC College, Sylhet. If the press is a violent result in a social media, Badrul, who is trying to kill Khadija, is in a great move, asking for an quick test.

In this event, Shahpuran police station of Sylhet Metropolitan Police police Badrul announced the accused, and his uncle Khadija Abdul Kuddus challenged him.

On March 8, the International Women's Day, on 8 December 2017, the accused, Badrul Alam, was sentenced to life in prison and was fined five thousand taka and was sentenced to two months' imprisonment for two months .

In a decision, the judge said, “Khadijah survived the women. I believe that thousands of Badruls will end up cruelowing from these pressures in the future by introducing a higher penalty for the accused and women's association being protected. T

In the conclusion, the court said more, "His love has not been proven. People may love and love him. But for him, such abuse, injury and kindness can not be grain activity.

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