Hrithik has told his wife a new love

Hrithik Roshan and Susan Khan. Photograph: Attached

As an interior designer, Susan Khan has already done a lot. He recently worked for a group called The Charcoal Project. He has shared some of the social media. Hrithik Roshan said he could not stay stable after seeing.

Hrithik Roshan wrote, Beautiful & # 39;

In 2014, Hrithik and Susan were separated from their marriage. Previously they were about 17 years of friendship. They spent about 14 years together after marriage. Their two sons are named Hridan and Rehan.

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Fourcool Project Offices in the Andheri Mumbai area They are already working for large companies.

He won his Interior Degree from Susan Khan Brooke College. It depends on one third of the label life. In 2011, he launched the charcoal project in conjunction with Gauri Khan.

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