I gave you water & # 39; for Calcutta jaya

Jaya Ahsan is something that enjoys the two Bengali films, Jaya Ahsan. At the moment he lives in Calcutta. Recently, a new service was launched, and Rain Tale Dela, played on her. As well as Jaya Ahsan at the corridor restaurant in Kolkata, the famous artists Calcutta Emon Chakraborty, actor Badsha Maitra and many others were present. Jaya Ahsan said her character in this movie is a very lively character. The characters have a very strong sense. The kind of other kind. I did not work in any psychological lightbox, this is the first time. & # 39; You gave you water & # 39;
You made a Storytelling, screen screen and written conversation in the first morning. In the story about the movie, Jaya Ahsan addresses face of a personality problem. He went out of the house on advice from the psychologist. Then many events happen. The movie's story goes on to date. In addition to Jaya Ahsan, Chiranjit Chakraborty, Badshah Maitre, Subrata Dutta, Tanushree Chatterjee and Rajesh Sharma have also made a star in many different images of the film. The movie will be split out soon. At the same time, Jaya Ahsan is busy working on a number of new pictures in Calcutta now outside the picture. And sooner it will start filming in a & # 39; his production company, C, in Bangladesh, the new photograph Furut &

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