IPL does not play, Rubel will …

Mumbai is in trouble Jasprit Boomarah, a long-distance attack captain, has been getting carbon injuries during the first game. Adam Milne was hit as a result of a injury Overall, Mumbai's camp is a big problem.

Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma has been overseeing star Mille Hossain and Adam Milon, and a newspaper on board in Mumbai also said that Alzari Joseph, a fast bowl in the air. T Indians trying to destroy Joseph Derray. But watch Rubel too. If you don't have a contract with the Caribbean driver, you can open the version of your own version of the Software.

Finally, Mumbai chose Joseph. As a result, Rubel did not go to the IPL. 22-year-old Windies Pacer has the chance to play in the world's frozen licensing competition with nine one-day international Tests and 16 exams.

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