Is Isco's 700 million euros Difficult?

This year has not had more time in the hill. Picture: Twitter

In the year 2019, the La Liga player had to spend more time on his binge. Because the main guardian behind him does not respond to his / her procedures; at the moment, as well as the solid friendship with Solaris.

Is it a Pumpkin relationship to Isco's relationship with the Santiago Solaris coach? The relationship between the two is going on every day. Under Spain and Real Madrid, it was difficult to imagine Spain and Escobo fon hulane Lopez, and now Scou is seen in the field as Kale-Bhadre. Each game matches, and a bit of the connection between them. The relationship between the coach and the players is not the same, but the relationship between them is cooling down the day. While sitting on her & # 39; bench, Escrow has written the name of the registration book. He did not sit on the mountain as any other player in La Liga this year.

During this season, Escrow started flying. As soon as the balls, the desire to influence the field. It was a strange uncomfortable meeting; this year. But the time is over, because its format has begun to fall. Eventually, Hulen Lopeztegie killed him. Under a new coach, each tool will change, as well as the end of the day. Solaris did not play in the four games this year. In 2016, there were a total of 767 minutes to sit in a & # 39; bench, Escrow. La Liga did not have time to sit on her bend. It is close to Seville Brian Gil, who was sitting on a 687 bay bing. But in the new contract of Isoko, the clause was expanded to 700 million real, so that it did not; He can hit any other profit!

Solaris's relationship is not good. Picture: Twitter Solaris was able to express it on or what; benefit? Under Lopez, there was a unique place in the eleven beginnings. Isco was the main machine in the ten, but his role was in the form of death in an attack, but after leaving LaTtegiugi, he kept changing time. Despite how beautiful the game was based on Escrow, he could lose the game. It's not easy to find it easier to & # 39; play the recreation of Escrow with the new coaches, and play Vicisius Jr.'s job, and plays a new coach, Solari Kasti, and so Brazilian youngsters have given Escos the opportunity to replace, Solaris has given the opportunity to Lucas Vásquez, who is very skilled. Vincius or Vaasquez did not disappoint. Bring Benzema with his highest demand for Real Madrid The two show the way to win Rao.

There is a great Green game on the fire of Isco. After leaving Ronaldo, Real-time looked at other types of football, including pressures and situations. Mail & # 39; his main source of Escrow. But, in fact, Solari has returned to the old Shidane innovations. Solarii is targeted in & # 39; gameplay only for midfield play in the middle of the park. Viccius no Vasequez is better than the Isco. Escrow became a team in the team.

However, Escrow was not responsible for not playing Solaris's relationship. ESCORE never enjoyed it & # 39; giving more time in training. Instead of trying to do well for talent, I'd like to be good. Solaris did not like him. Instead, its choice of work; Solaris, who works for her, will give her a chance. For this reason, the name of its coach can be cut from the beginning of the year to Isoka. It has a simple pixel talk.

To get an opportunity in XI, Escrow should aim to train. Picture: AFP "itemprop =" image "data-jadewitsmedia =" {& # 39; status & # 39 ;: & # 39; success & # 39; id & # 39 ;: & # 39; 1415542 & # 39; , & Quot; thumb & # 39 ;: & # 39; // paloimages.prothom- uploads / media / 2019/02/06 / 6ca4f64184fab78aa15125f45360c542-5c5ee3c3d31a8.jpg & # 39;, & # 39; path & # 39;: & # 39; media / 2019/02/09 / 6ca4f64184fab78aa15125f45360c542-5c5ee3c3d31a8.jpg & # 39 ;, & # 39; name & # 39;: & # 39; To get an opportunity for XI, you need to aim for training in Escrow. Image: width & # 39 ;: 800, height & # 39 ;: 533, & # 39; alignment & # 39 ;: & # 39; aligncenter & # 39 ;, & # 39; link: & # 39; & # 39;: & # 39; & # 39;, & # 39; target & # 39;: & # 39; & # 39;, & # 39; title & # 39;: & # 39; To get the chance in XI, focus on ISKOKE training Photo: AFP, & # 39 ;: & # 39; To access XI, Escrow should aim to train. Picture: AFP & # 39;} "width =" 800 "src =" .jpg "But Solaris is always hopeful about Esko," Every player in the team is important to me, if necessary, everyone will be used. "But Isco's response is similar to yesterday. , on Twitter, "I have little opportunities as teammates but I'm still trying. , Doing something good. "Solari left his answer but his response Iyechena flagrante delicto." There is a good player and is just the responsibility of the training. "The two things are true. But football players As Isco, it will be wrong to say beauty of her. Not to balance much effort with the players on the machair.</p>
<p>Even if you're gluing, it's a bit more true. Real Madrid Escrow received the lowest chance this year. Solaris did not even look back even when it was needed. Sidan needed to live in the bay, but Zindan just got the time needed. But under solaris it is not. In a game similar to El Classic, where Escrow played an important role in the end, Gareth Bell was down there. However, the reason for the poor play in this season is to be the biggest bias on Bell, Isco's relationship with Benzemar is in the very good form. The two were able to win the El Classic to Real Madrid Real Madrid.</p>
<p>Real Madrid, Escrow, has been demolished again due to serious injuries. Solarii can not use it at this time. In the middle of the field like Sebbios, the talent is also a behavior in mid-mathematics. However, Escrow will get a busy record after returning. So, the coach needs to give the rest to the vines, and to the coach. Still, if the foolish behavior goes on, the white jerse will not be seen in days longer than the ISKOK. Although there are still fewer coaches for coaching, players like Eikher do not want to be a challenge, everyone wants to get into the team.</p>
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