Liverpool will be scattered again –

On Monday night the game was 1-1 in Field West Ham. Last week, Leicester City got the same score on the home with Liverpool.

Liverpool, who is preserving his & her; Most games in the game, took place in the 22 minutes with one controversial aim. Adding Adam Lalan by side, raise the ball to James Milner. It was clear that the central English park was away at that time; But the side view is avoided. At the same time, Senegal's saddlery garden, Sadio, found out that his cross was out of his / her; a little box and found a net in the play on the left.

Six minutes later, the standard guests were good. The median program of Felipe Anderson was cleared in the D-box and was sent to the & # 39; a ball at Konakuni's right wing on midfielder Micheel Antonio.

In the 62th minute, Mohammed Salah gave a scannal to the two in the dashboard. But he laments her chance in a poor picture. After 10 minutes, the English-medium park, Mark Noble, saved a cross-sectional rod while Liverpool was there.

Liverpool points are in the top 20 in 19 matches and five draws

Arsenal won a 3-1 Arsenal on Sunday, with Manchester City second with 59 points.

Tottenham Hotspur, a 1-0 defeat to Newcastle United on Saturday, the third place with 57 points. Chelsea lost 5-1 in the second half of the day, the 5-0 decision on Hudersfield Town to his fourth place with 50 points.

On Sunday, Manchester United 1-0 defeated Lester City in the second game, with Manchester United at five points with 5 points. Arsenal has a smaller point then Arsenal.

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