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Mahmudullah said about the terrible experience coming home

Mahmudullah said about the terrible experience coming home

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Bangladesh test captain Mahmudullah Riyad says he is lucky to be there.

He said, “Just want to say that, we're very lucky to be sitting now. Pray for all, the blessings of the country, parents, family, we reach here by the grace of Allah. # 39;

Mahmudullah proclaimed this way to tell the Bangladeshi takers, who got this terrific experience in Friday prayers in Christchurch in New Zealand.

Bangladesh crawlers return home safely at Shahjalal International Airport on Saturday Saturday after 10pm on Saturday.

But the state of mind on the cricketers and not the rest, it is. There is no question of performance here. The environment is completely different.

Might be happy with Mahmudullah and her councilors who have reverted well.

A New Zealand tour is coming to an end with terrible experiences The Bangladesh national team coordinators did not live just up to five minutes of time.

Mahmudullah was going to go to the mosque in Christchurch mosk that day. They also arrived in the mosque. However, the crickets lasted just 5 minutes late.

On this site, the crews came back to Hagley Oval Stadium after their relaxation and set off from there to the Hotel Team.

The BCB and Bangladesh government have arranged for a cricket to be handed back from Bangladesh back to the country after the Christchurch event.

After arriving at the airport, captain Bangladesh, Mohammad Mahmudullah Riyad, faced media workers.

While he was remembering the horrors, he said, "I can't tell what we are now. We'ven't seen it, it's not like believing there; & 39;

Mahmudullah said that such a imagination would not exist in New Zealand's peaceful country.
He said, 'This event is very unfortunate. Most importantly, such events have taken place in countries such as New Zealand – it is not expected.

After the event, one of the crew said, who slept all the night.

He said that one thing was coming back to the head in the room, how lucky we were to meet those who had died

With thanks to CBB and BCB, Riyadh said, "The board has got in touch, they have agreed to come back quickly. Thank you very much for the BCB and your father. T

Riyad believes that, with blessings and good wishes from the people, the great creator gave his life today. That is why he expressed his gratitude to the people of the country.

He said, “It's an appeal to the rural people, they will always pray for us and from this mindset we can come out quickly. # 39;

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