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Mushfiq plays & # 39; finger break & # 39; …- 708702 | Kaler Kantho

Bhanglaidia national cricket team is struggling with injuries during the year. Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, Riyadh Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur Rahimara were beaten again and again. Tamim is still out of the field. Mushfiq has been centenary in a red pain Asian Cup Now he has been seriously injured. Although that harm is not bad. Before the Mirpur Survey starts against the Windies, does it need to be out of XI?

In the meantime everyone knows Mushfiqik's mental strength. He answered in response to Mominul Haque. Today the Little Master & of journalists in the Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Wednesday, & Mushfiq's brother position is good. I think his fingers are good at the moment. But as far as he knows, he will play! The branch was not broken. Maybe it's good. & # 39;

It should be noted that Mushfiqur Rahim hit his right on the Wednesday morning when he hit the right. If you feel painful pain, x-rays will be made. After looking at the BCB report, Dr. Debashish Chowdhury confirmed that there is no worry about it. There was no sign of his finger. If there is any other problem, it will be confirmed on Thursday morning.

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