Musical Concert 'Madhu Gunjan & # 39; at ATL Bangla

Culture Desk. The music program is programmed by BRB Cable Industries, Madhu Gunjan, which is regularly broadcast by ATN Bangla Programs for music artists. The program will be broadcast on Monday evening from 4-30 minutes. This program was written and directed by Kavali Ahmed, directed by Kavali Ahmed, and directed by Kavali Ahmed. This time the show was performed by singer Meherun Ahmed. Present in today's event were the artists Shahidur Rahman and Shammi Rahman present. Working with the player, artists have heard a lot of popular songs singing them. The program is Madhu Gunjan & # 39; is organized by most of the nation's musicians. All the programs in the service are invited to a popular artist and will be organized by him. A studio presenter took part in the studio with the artist in attendance. His favorite songwriter sings in different types of conversation openly with the narrator about the story of the singer and the artist's life, as a singer. As well as singing, the artist comes to the festival to consider the next generation of great songs, a variety of souvenirs, songs and songs.

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