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Pritam Jimmy is a musician in residence

Pritam Hassan in sight Music by starring Nuhash Humayun, playing in a music film, Pritam Hasa. The heroes, Safa Kabir, are still the heroine woman.
The work's name is Khoka '. Where Pritam appears as a zombie (alive) and psycho.
Pritam told the Bengali Tribune, "I don't want to say it now either as a rubbish or a psycho. But I can confidently say that the best thing I've ever done. We've got hard work all the time." & # 39;
At the same time, the two young people, Nuhash and Pritam, wrote about this song. Pritam played himself and his tune. Ferdous Wahid also got a fellow artist.
Pritam-Safa Kabir is also a Ferdous Wahid Musical Film. Also played in a unique position. Ezaz
Pritam said that his skin will come quickly. And this month, Khoka & # 39; open on Youtube channel of Gocilil Music.

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