QiPid & # 39 are; coming in the Tanvir-Nilar centuries

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QiPid & # 39 are; coming in the Tanvir-Nilar centuries

Entertainment Reporter t The drama was specially performed as Cupid & # 39; technology has recently been created. Humayun Rashid Emperor has created the play in the production of Asad Zaman. The play has been performed on a number of occasions by some celebrity actors Senthil Wadud, Abu Huraira Tanvir and Nilanjana Neel.

The firing of this play has recently ended in various locations in the capital. The drama is expected to be broadcast on RTV. Picture play story Cupid & # 39; Based on fantasy.

In the meantime, Satti Wadud finished completing drama with 'Sonali Din', written by Matia Banu Shuku in Lukhola. He is waiting for his film to be made in Bangladesh & # 39; directed by Rubayet Hossain and 'Nona Jal Kavya'; Directed by Rezwan Shahriar.

On the other hand, Tanvir and Neela are working on a BTV collection and managing Badadl Anam Saud and they are working on ongoing drama with the title 'Lukochuri Lukochuri Story'.

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