Received a gold candidate for the gold medal

Emdadul Haque "itemprop =" picture "data-jadewitsmedia =" status & ':' success, '1428075'; 'Ext': 'jpg', 'thumb', and 'paloimages.prothom-alo .com / content / cache / images / 110x110x1 / upload / media / 2019/04/01 / 0515c15a73c8fb7d359e710400b7c4bc-5ca1a395041fd.jpg; path: & # 39; media / 2019/04/01 / 0515c15a73c8fb7d359e710400b7c4bc-5ca1a395041fd.jpg; '' name; Emdadul Haque 's; caption ''; '; pushClass '&'; jwMediaContent ','; type & type of & nbsp; image,; width: '; ','; height: 168, & # 39; synthesis of: & # 39; synthesis; & # 39; connecting: & # 39; '; '' target; '; title; Naughty appearance, article & article: 'Emdad al Haq &' 'width =' 300 'src =' https: //paloimages.prothom 300x0x1 / uploads / media / 2019/04/01 / 0515c15a73c8fb7d359e710400b7c4bc-5ca1a395041fd.jpg "/> * The recruitment process was organized on 27 March. <br />* 'Abduction'; when you go to the exam<br />* Tax against BCL director <br />* Assault is stopped in the day<br />* Siberia campaigner was handed over to the police by visiting<br />* Appeal to take part in the exam<br />• The court case in court</p>
<p>Master of Zoology Department of Chittagong University graduated in ZPA-4 with 3 decimals and 3 levels. 96. Emdadul Haque He became the first test. To achieve this, the Prime Minister's Gold Medal is the best. Because of their valuable fruit, apply for a university teacher. However, he did not take part in the Chhatra League staff oral tests.</p>
<p>As they passed the oral test, some BCL campaigners escaped from the VC office. He stole money and a mobile phone with a physical touch for a day. After this, they received Supporters of Siberia & 39; These were then given to the police.  t The event took place on Wednesday 27 March.</p>
<p>Emdadul Haque, who attended the Vice-Chancellor on Sunday, today applied to take part in the review. And he put a court against the Supreme Court's court yesterday to try out the attack. Mohammad Shahjahan, Emdadul Haque's solicitor, said the court had caused PBI to investigate the matter.</p>
<p>On 27 March, a post of lecturer in the animal sector was examined orally at the university's vice-chancellor. 64 applicants applied for two appointments. The oral test was held over time.</p>
<p>According to the sources, students told by Emdadul Haq students of Chuad Friend of Care (CFC) of a university unit, Chhatra League,.</p>
<p>Emdadul Haque acknowledged the issue of the university's vice chair's philosophy for university university university Sharif Uddin. He said in the first light of the phone yesterday afternoon, "Emdadul, the leader of Sibir. In 2012 he led the shield of the Coatraiber of Chhatra Shibir students. Many see him.  T That's why he killed him in front of the door. ”Sharif Uddin, also a few young people, introduced Anwar Hossain, Asif Mahmud, Rafiqul Islam, Zahidul Hasan. Uddin as well as others not beaten.</p>
<p>Written to the Vice-Chancellor, Emdadul, said to go to the campus to do teacher experiments at 9am on the incident. To go to the Vice-Chancellor's office, waiting for the lift in the administrative building (located on the third floor of the VC). Anwar Hossain from the Department of Zoology in 2011-2012, Asif Mahmud from the 2010-11 academy and Moksed Ali alias Nilu Pramanik of the 2010-11 academy, Jahidul Hasan and Rafiq Islam for the 2013 academic session and the Uddin Aspen of the 2014-15 academy, Sharif Uddin, 14 years of academic session, was also stolen by a number of other students at the university's playground. Remove Fundraising money. If it did not agree to pay the money, it was struck. Later, the mobile took the pocket and took 5000 taka.</p>
<p>In his written submission, Emdad also mentioned that the abductors were threshing again in front of the University Pagodor. When the survey ended at around 12.30pm, the Siberia campaigner is called a policeman and given to the police. He was raided again by the police and they let him go.</p>
<p>However, according to the university's Vice-Chancellor, Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury received any written complaints like this until yesterday afternoon. He said in the first light, 'It is not possible to recruit teachers again.' If the student is an eligible candidate, you will be able to apply for notification at a later date. If the complaint is received in writing and the action required will be passed to the agent and the police.</p>
<p>In this context, Emdadul Haque said in the first light, why did he not understand why it was attacked. He was asked for a fair trial.</p>
<p>Professor Zoology said. Emdadul Haque was a research associate of Manjurul Kibria. Manjurul Kibria said in the first light, "Emdadul is a hard-working student. He has got the first gold medal in the history of an animal. His fruit is also good. It's likely to be considered by a rival." he has done such a thing;</p>
<p>Professor Manzurul Kibria said that Emdadul Haque is not involved in Siberian politics.</p>
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