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Salman in front of a BJP hand in Daabang Three & # 39;

Salman's wet strip in the song of Dabang Thri Photograph: Collection

Starting with Daabang Three & # 39; Starting Salman Khan, a Bollywood Singer joins one of the pictures from the shooting set. Fans have been impatient of watching the film from their categories. But the obstacles at first The BJP has been accused of causing a religious sentiment against Salman Khan. Burning on Dabong Three in the center of the debate.

Some of the hunting images recently released to social media. One is shown in the photograph, which is covered with a wooden patina. There is a person standing on the floor. This photograph contains a controversy. The BJP said that Salman has harmed Hindus's religious beliefs.

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However, Salman expressed his view. He said, "It was not necessary for them to hurt religious ideas." But in spite of the act of the act, the debate did not stop.

In this case, the BJP Pankaj Chaturvedi spokesman said, "There are no issues with the BJP in the accounts Lok Sabba. They did not undertake any improvement work, people could ask for votes to vote." T So trying to create a Hindu-Muslim fragmentation Their purpose will not be successful.

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