Samsung Galaxy S 10 Hack Scanner Scanner Scanner!

Smartphone always gives new technologies to everyone. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus have been added to the new fingerprint scanning technology in a display. Not only did he give scans for screens, but the ultrasonic scanner also gave additional protection, instead of optimal scanners.

It's claimed by South Korea company that it is just the smartphone that the user can bring by creating a complex 3D map of his finger. But this argument has also been a security researcher. He was able to set off the smartphone by sending the scanner through a copy of the Thedi project. Forbes News.

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners connected to the Galaxy S10 and S10 can also take 3D pictures. Its capability was greatly enhanced by the high level of advanced sound waves. He also has the power to breathe fluids by adding sound noise to the user. This will be different for all, because fingerprints all have different waves. And a 3D image will be created to explain this process easily. The 3D image provides detailed information in each side of the scanner, so the image will be expanded in every way.

But the question is how is this complex security system struck? In the security researcher's language, the truth is that everything is right so far. It worked just as it was to do. From glass the researcher creates alpha alpha by designing a fingerprint, after which it provides a detailed 3D module. After printing it, he managed to move it with every time he was. It was really a panic and just scalded your keyboard so the scanner would have to do anything else!

According to the researchers, unlike smartphones, the smartphone blue Galaxy S10 is incredibly difficult to open. But when security can not be protected even with so much security, then the finger will be stopped? Because a lock system looks forward and a voice is also common in the market. However, according to the DarkSark 9 name name, researchers say that a lock of voice and voice can be easily compared to a fingerprint! So, by contrast, this is the safest thing.

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