Sappa Ani's cloud letter about Bappa

Sushmita Anis The largest Nazr music artist is also involved in new songs at various times. In that series, he appeared on the new song video. The famous singer Bappa Majumdar gave a double voice to the song with the title & The Letter of the Cloud.

On the afternoon of February 8, on the evening of the release of a song video, a fantastic restaurant was arranged at a beautiful restaurant; town. There was a star in front of two stars to welcome the artist.

Among them were Mimis Band Hamin Ahmed, Shafin Ahmed, Manam Ahmed, famous music and music director Arnab, Elita, Mahadi, Jenny and Tania Hossain. The video of the song & Meghar Pithhi & # 39; presented to the guests at the production ceremony of the producer Kaushik Shankar Das. Everyone values ​​singing, melody and words. Tanvir Khan, leader of Channel Naoi series, also praised the program.

Shahan Kampa's writing, Keywords & The Letter of the Cloud & # 39; Bappa Majumdar himself was in tune and music. Two artists of Bappa Majumder and Sushmita Anis were designed on a music video in various locations of Chox's Bazar.

In terms of his video, Bappa Majumder said, "Sushmita Appa spoke slowly. So the song should be sung graciously. When I started thinking about this project, This case was a bit of inspiration. Also, I did a bit of mood hospitality. Tanvir Khan has taken a great deal of care on his video. After all, it's good to have a # 39 ; giving a good audience to the listeners – after a long time.

In the case of Letter of the Cloud, said Sushmita Anis, & # 39; I have a & # 39; Using music as well as my professional responsibility. That's why I had to make a difference before singing a song. Because I need to sing through many challenges.

That's why I have enough time to do a project. This song is also sung. Bappa Majumder has made a song carefully for me, for me. Thanks to Shahan wrote a good article. Tanvir Khan has made the video amazing. I hope this video will be good for all.

Sushmita Anis said the music video was released from her official YouTube channel.

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