Share a regular message? Whatsapp with new features

Share a regular message? Whatsapp with new features

The number of times the message has been forwarded to the update will be known

In recent years, WhatsApp has created a lot of hard work to stop spreading messaging messages. The US message company is responsible for this problem by adding new one-to-one features. A few months ago, when the message was sent, WhatsApp started sending the badge Forwarded & # 39; over the message. The number of times a message was forwarded will send a number of the world's key messages. Although this feature is currently available in beta updates, the timing of the upgraded updates is not known.


How many times has the message been forwarded to WhatsApp

Receiving feedback, WhatsApp Beta 2.19.87 updates How many times the message has been sent to this feature will be known. You can see this information if you send the message. You can see the long paper on brooch Forwared & 39; and this information will be available from the button & 39; tab above. This information is only available if messages are being made available on a number of occasions. You will not see this information if you send a message to a personal conversation or group chat.

WhatsApp Dark Whatsapp

Dorman mode soon adds to WhatsApp
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There is a dark mode associated with the WhatsApp message beta v2.19.87. Recently, we have come to know how WhatsApp became a dark mode. This feature has been updated beta. It is hoped that this feature will be available soon. This will follow the back of the back color of the app. And they monitor the use of WhatsApp. .

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