Shoaib Akhtar is a PCB

Pakistan loses time For the last one year, an underachievement team at ODI. However, the recent performance of the past time is quite striking. Asia's cup has been a major problem. Batty Dhabaldolaiyar, who was forced to taste the five-game series against Australia, t

The Pakistani Cricket Board (PCB) has stopped the top players in the front row of the World Cup. They didn't even think the decision could be against the truth. Shoaib is criticized for his criticism. She added that she intended to work without any interest.

The prestigious Pakistani musician said the decision was quite wrong when the idea for the World Cup was being prepared. We were always used as an chess player. T Nobody talks about the main subject, and he does not want. Nobody can solve the solution. Unable to PCB? Shoaib took the question.

He said, I don't need money. Is it enough for work for yourself? I don't want to see such a game in Pakistan.

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