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Spend time with family, clan chief of cricket boards

The Cricket Bangladesh team came to New South Wales on Saturday at 10:40 hrs. So that everything is normal, Nazmul Hassan has said that the crickets should spend time in their own way.

“When I came to speak to them, they came through terrible circumstances. After the event, we all realized what was going on with them with their mind.

"Anyway, since then, they had actually been sitting in when they returned to the country, how quickly it went, and that's why they didn't sleep all the time." Then a 22-hour journey (arrives) … they are all tired, many of them are broken down into their minds and it's still unable to speak to them all.

“I said, 'Go into. Now leave everything away for a few days, and spend a few days as it looks. If everything is cold, let us know. I don't think about sport at this time. Spend time with the family. And we're here. If anyone wants help we are here. That's what I said to them.

Christchurch was due to start on Saturday morning in New Zealand with the third and final exam in Bangladesh. Before Friday's prayers, guns fired at two mosques in Christchurch. 49 people were killed.

One of these two mosques was made to Al Nur mosque to pray for the players of Bangladesh. Al Nur Mosque near Hagley Oval, where the Bangladesh team worked. For a short while the crew defended the attack from the attack.

After the attack on the mosque, Bangladesh team manager Khaled Masud said the team had nearly 50 yards from the mosque in the bus. After stopping the bloody people who came out of the mosque, they stopped.

And when they had come down from the bus, they came back from the hay field in the field. On his return to the hotel. If they arrived at 3-4 minutes beforehand, they would live within the mosque.

After the terrible attack, the exam was canceled. The next day, the catches caught on the streets of Dhaka.

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