Test captain Sri Lanka was given bail

Sport Desktop: Sri Lanka's cricket control has been experiencing problems for a long time. The team's name was written on the list yesterday by captain Test Dimuk Karunaratne. The open man was injured in a car that was injured in an accident. Police at Colombo arrested following this event, but soon afterwards his court was released on bail. The gamekeeper, however, should attend court next week. T He can take fine nails or punishments. The Sri Lankan Cricket Board will decide their decision after the court's decision.
Earlier in the morning, Karunaratne was going to her car in the Borela area. On one side of the road at Kinse Road, a car that overturned a three-car vehicle hit a car. The driver of the car driver was seriously injured but other drivers were seriously injured. Afterwards, he was admitted to hospital. And Karunaratne's place is in police custody.
Karunaratne was in a moderate situation when driving. The subject has been adopted on his own. Later in the bank awarded to a court in court.
The Sri Lanka Series in South Africa won the first Asian team with Karunaratne in February. Ongoing, Sri Lanka will fight in the World Cup under his leadership in England. But on the day of yesterday, the matter will turn to one side. Although SLC has not yet disclosed
To date, Sri Lanka has visited a one-day series of 4,074 and 17 internationals, in Karunaratne. But, a trip through South Africa this year, the hen came into the debate. However, the newspaper headlines were left yesterday. Who is not good for anyone?

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