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The airplane was taken to his father Palak

Plash Ahmed was killed in a Photographic attack: Attached

His father, Peer Sardar, was taken by the dead body of Palash Ahmed, who was killed in a communal attack in Chittagong.

After 12pm on Monday, the Sixth's body was led by Patenga Police Station from the Chittagong College Hospital Hospital. Earlier, Patenga Palash Baba's police station from Narayanganj to Chittagong.

Pattenga, Incharge's police officer, Utpal Barua, said his father Phalash, Sardar Barney, was sent to Chittagong to mark the body of Palash and to give his body. Later on, his son's body was taken. Before moving, the corpse post was completed by the body of the Chittagong College Hospital.

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Initially, from Dhaka to Dubai, the new Biman Bangladesh plane, Moorepunkhi. After the plane reached 15,000 feet, a young man came in the seat of travelers up to his chocain. At that time, the young man went to crew and said, I will take away the plane. I have a dagger and a bomb. If I do not open the cockpit, I will blow the plane. At the same time, another cabin crew cocktail pilot and pilot pressure in confidence to try to steal the plane. At that time, the airfield came ashore at Shah Amanat Airport in Chittagong and the airfield flew ashore. Then the army, RAB and the police around the plane were in the bedrock. Later on, the young man was killed by raid. The next day, the RAB message said that the young man's fingerprint was killed in a command attack in Chittagong to commit a crime matching the RAB Criminal Database. According to the information held there, the name Palash Ahmed Palash is a resident of Dakhakhata of Pirajpur in Sonargaon upazila from the Narayanganj district. It was the name that was; on the Person Jahan Sardar.

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