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The best phones in camera

Within a short time, camera technology was influenced by the smartphone phone. How many cameras will be on the phone and how good it is? As a result, a competition among spreading cell phones has been involved in a few years for several years. There are five to seven cameras on one phone that is not surprising now. Again, mobile phone camera retailers are the same. Which is the best in the competition cameras, here it is. Le Shaon Khan

The best thing, Google Pixel 3

Last year, Google pixel-2 model phones were just ahead of the cameras for the cameras only. The Pixel, Google Pixel 3, has been holding this year. The best camera phone is in the current marketplace with both sides of the smartphone camera. And Google's artificial robot camera was possible. Depending on the size of space, objects and light, the phone can automatically change the activity of its camera. A 12.2 megapixel back camera and two 8 megapixel cameras are in front of their phone.

Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus is the best camera for the three cameras

It is not always the best thing to do all the time. However, Samsung's extra camera gave the phone to the top of the digital phone in the list of three cameras There are 16 megapixel and 12 megapixel cameras. Three cameras have different features. The Samsung Galaxy series, which emerged on the tenth anniversary, can also deliver DSLR quality cameras. The three cameras can capture deep deep images with their phone. A 6.4-inch quad HD plus display.

IPhone's Best Tens Max

Many Apple fans are suffering from other smartphones. If you have a number of models in the iPhone to choose the best camera phone on the iPhone, iPhone is the Tens Max Max iPhone; there. Apple TEN's new Apple design camera was not satisfied with customers. The phone was clearer than what was needed in the movie. IPhone Tensem Max came out of the market due to the problem. One of the 12 megapixel cameras has a television lens behind. That means when the zoom time is taken in the picture, the lens will change the location of the image. And mobile phone will have a huge 7-megapixel friend's cell.

The best phone phone for the budget phone 7.1

In a market competition, Nokia has gone out to prove that it does not have to spend thousands of dollars for a good camera. A good camera can also be found at the hand. Nokia 7.1 is still the best camera among price phones. It's worth $ 350 in three frames behind; This phone is 12 megapixels and 5 megapixels. A 8-megapixel camera is in front of a 5.8-inch screenphone.

Optical Zoom The Best Huaweet Matte 20 Pro

Long before Samsung Galaxy S10, a Huawei comic, a & # 39; bringing the three camera phones to their market. Huawei Matte 20 users cite three different types of lens due to & # 39; the zoom is selected. There are 40 megapixel main camera in back camera, 8 megapixel television lens camera and another 20 megapixel ultra-width lens. And everything has taken everything else to her favorite zoom.

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