The CEC seeks voting as the parliamentary elections in Dhaka Town

Senior KM Electoral Commissioner Nurul Huda. File image Senior KM election commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda wants to make Dhaka's corporate corporate elections fair as the 11th parliamentary elections that have been achieved recently.

The CEC commented on the selection of election officers and executive leaders of the Dhaka Town Company on Tuesday, "We want to have Dhaka's corporate corporations held in your country too, as it was in the parliamentary elections. "

This is the information of the Bhaban ETI in Agargaon, a capital city. There were four Electoral Commissioners in the information held in the secretary of secretary secretary SEC Helaluddin Ahmad.

For the officers, the CEC said, "You've been working hard in the parliamentary elections, it showed a skill and you chose a fair, beautiful choice for the country. Have fun for all your colleagues throughout this.

BNP won BNP's main challenges but eight sets in the parliamentary elections. The Awami League got 257 seat management. Jatiya Party is now the leading defender party in the 22 winning seats. The BNP agrees to come to the parliament by going to the parliament; including the results of this election.

Shortly after choosing the EC, EC designated a common electoral record for the election of the Town of North Town and 18 ward councilors on its behalf; North and South. The CEC today spoke to the Election Officer and the Executive Estates of ETI.

The CEC advised the officers to be careful, "Who won the election, not your opinion. Your point is to see how they are watching their code Behaviors. People elected by elected people will be elected representatives. You must make legal choices. Confidence in you. So you must give confidence. & # 39;

The CEC said, "The problem is with the councilors. They are more challenging. This challenge played a part in adversely affecting situation and order. But your acceleration, neurological and critical thinking will help the situation I saw, in some places when Jatiya Sangsad's masters imposed a fine on some of the candidates. No one has complained here. what those involved, they must be fined so that they do not commit any crime in the future.

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