The chief is to sing the old pocket

The school's schoolmaster Ahsan Habib (45) has been arrested on costs to block an old employee at Dapa Model High School of Fatullah in Narayanganj. He was arrested from school Tuesday.

At the same time, students removed their march in the school where a special penalty was amazing, and including removing the headmaster Ahsan Habib, in protesting against the incident. They warned that the teacher would not let them go into school.

Parents express their anger, saying that the head teacher, where there is no safe peon, as their daughters are safe. If the headteacher is involved in illegal activities in the school, we do not understand what kind of education the teacher is doing; teaching.

Local people said, Ahima Habib's headman stayed at school at night. The piano was kept with it. Ahsan Habib argued with that chance. Later on, he was asked to complain about the issue that threatened the police. After sending a complaint the police arrested their commander.

Managing Director at Fatulla Police Model, Manzur Kader, said the event, the schoolmaster said to be arrested. He is questioning heavily. The man, who was involved in misbehavior, is also questioned to determine the identity of the incident. It was sent to Narayanganj General Hospital for a medical examination.

Shahadat Hossain / FA / JIM

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