The leader is the movement of victims' quota, as long as he wants co-operation, who is the leader of moving a quota

Convener of Hasan Ali Mamun's student rights conservation consultant, who led the Kota reform movement, was hit Monday to bring a memorandum with the former Chancellor of the University of Dhaka for a variety of applications. Among these applications, the Student University of Dhaka University (DUCSU) and the parliamentary elections will be held outside the hall hall and to ensure that the campus is alive.

Hasan Al Mamun blame BCL for the attack But the BCL refused the complaint.

Hassan al-Mamun first pointed out that he was going to the library after drinking a tea at the library building at 12:30 p.m. At that time, the Rashul Islam, the Vice-Chancellor of the University, was attacked by Vice President Chancellor and postgraduate student of the Institute of Health Economics, over 30-40. Mamun said that the Battle of the Crusade was attacked by expressing that they were going to attack them. participating in the Daksusu election.

In context, Dakshu has decided to participate in the unique panel, the student rights conservation advice led by the Kota reform movement.

After the attack, one afternoon at Proctor's office, Proctor, Prof AKM Golam Rabbani, asked for his case; case including Hasan Al Mamun, council adviser Nurul Haque, Rashed Khan and Sohrab Hossain and union of university branch students, Socialist Quarter Front and student co-ordinators. Proctor's hours with their campaigns Proctor asked them to give a written complaint. He also promised to bring the objector to the complainant.

Rasul Islam, who is known to be involved in the damage to Hasan Al Mamun, known as a bachelor of Dhaka University BCL, President Sanjid Chandra Das. When asked about the incident, Sanjita said in the first light, "The Rasul was with me in Madur's kitchen when she was attacked. No BCL people are involved in .

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