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The use of words appears in the Coca-Cola advertisement

The High Court has asked why action against Coco-Kola for advertising a Coca-Cola bottle of soft drinks will not take action using complex, heavy, damaged words. SMR judges Nazmul Ahsan and Justice KM Kamrul Kader created hearing about a petition written on Thursday.

According to the writer petitioner Moniruzzaman Rana, 10 protectors were asked to respond to the four-week rule with a secretary, business secretary, education secretary, home secretary, Bangla Academy Director, Bangladesh Bureau Administrator and Co-Director. International Drinks.

Earlier in February 27, Coca-Cola soft bottles of alcohol, complex, real, heads, cry, baby, lions, bog, jan, cotta, gab, fire, hard, unstable, part, were all drunk. After the death of the High Court, the High Court said. Moniruzzaman. The court was governing for the case.

The court lawyer said the hearing on behalf of the court Moniruzzaman. Tanzib ul Alam was against Coca-Cola. He was joined by Ershadul Alam's lawyers. Solicitor General M Saiful Alam was present in the state.

According to the writer Moniruzzaman petition, there is an advert of a Coca-Cola bottle of bottle complex, heavy, headache, and the advert encourages it by using different words. This is rude. Because a child is going into the store and I'm telling me, it's someone's missing one; It is having a negative impact.

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