There are two other names mentioned in the League seat of the League –

They are-
Nadia Yasmin from Pabna and Ratna Ahmed of Natore.

The Awami League parliamentary naming board and the parliamentary naming board of the local Awami League and the locals of the Prime Minister of Ceannabhaban wait afternoon
Following a government nomination board meeting, they announce the names of a press release
Is it.

The previous day
41 people including a social activist, Arma Dutta and his / her; actress Subarna Mustafas for women's reserved seats
The name of the Awami League was named. With these two, their nominated candidates for a reserved woman seat
The number is 43.

50 reserved seats for women in 350 reserved seats for women. Although the vote is just 300 reserved seats
Seat seats are a series of seats in the seats that won the votes. In a proportional way of representation
Now there are 43 Awami League Champions.

In the tenth parliament
Out of the 50 reserved women seats, 39 were from the Awami League BP. Only among them
Fazilatun Nessa from Munshiganj and Wasika Ayesha Khan from Chittagong are also present in the Awami League
General secretary, Abdur Rahman, said their nomination was announced.

Next 17
The Election Commission announces a preserved seat schedule in February
He said

In this election
Even if a day is held for a vote, the results have been mentioned previously. Opposing 50 reserved women seats
The date for transferability will be given to parties and supporters
On the day they are selected they can be named without competition.

Chairman of Panchagarh District Council Anwar Sadat named the emperor
The decision was made in the Awami League press release as it was decided.

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