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This is the lowest vote in the & # 39; Chief Executive

Subordinate corporate bailiff of the city's largest city of Dhaka, continues with many debates with unwilling voters. Electors say they have lost confidence in the elections in the last elections. They did not vote for their opinion that they did not have the importance of voting in the election results.

Experts believe that the voter apathy for the nation's democratic system is a sign for the democratic system. However, due to the absence of voters' presence, the reasons for the Awami League were identified. And the BNP asked that the government did not vote for the government and did not; He nominated 31 per cent vote.

The North West Wardens of Corporate Corps (DNCC) sub-election was held on Thursday. The majority of the polls on polling day did not have a voter presence. People in charge of the election will spend a tough time. After two or three hours, voting was held in each center. There was an unusual idea among voters about the election.

Badiul Alam Majumdar, editor of the editor of Sujon, said good governance, in the first light that this election was a formal non-voting. Vote people of the past, voting, or whether the results were controlled by controlled elections. As a result, the people's opinion about the election has been very unhappy. He believes that such voters are not assertive to the democratic system.

According to the final results expressed by the EC, 9 million votes were voted by 26 voters by the DNCCC, 31.5% of the total voters. Md nominee. Hasina League was elected privately with 8 lakh 39,000 302 votes in the election. Chess Joker Party Party Chess. Ahmed Ahmed received 52,000 429 votes. In addition to the Atiqul Winner, Shafin and the four candidates at his & # 39; Lord closed.

Recent outbreaks of the restored colonies of the town that were held in the country were reviewed, with over 50 percent of the votes cast in those elections. Last year, 78 percent of Rajshahi City Corporate elections, 75 percent in Sylhet, 62 per cent in Khulna, 57 per cent of Gazipur votes. In the 2015 election, the percentage of voting was 37.3 per cent. Many voters think that voters have an important role in the 11th National Election that was held in December last year due to the low voting in the DNCCC sub-election.

Although 31 per cent of the voting information is provided, there are questions in a visual community about its belief. There is also doubt about the level of voting in the 2015 election.

KM Electoral Assistant Commissioner Nurul Huda said they were satisfied with voter presence in the DNCCC election. While announcing a ceremony set up at the National Electorate Day in front of the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, he told reporters, "The election was a little less than the electorate was short. , appearing, participating in a large political party election and due to heavy waters on a day of election. We are satisfied.

In the constituent electorate of the DNCC, there were at least 20 people who did not vote in the election yesterday; first light. Almost everyone who did not have any interest in voting. Someone said, they did not get the polling stations again after seeing the situation in the elections; before.

Jafar Sadiq, a non-governmental group, said, "The knowledge of voting in previous preferences does not seem to be. The party or the winning candidate seems to win a particular team. I do not really feel interested in the elections because my vote is like no value. & # 39;

Mudidokani from Mirpur, Jasim Uddin, said, "There is no desire to vote in the elections that are shown in December. Everyone knows who wins. The government can not spend so much money to say.

But yesterday, the official president of the Awami League president in Dhanmondi reported that the Secretary General of Awami, Obaidul Quader, presented some of the reasons for voters in the & # 39 ; news conference. He said, the only holiday was a polling day. Many voters are left home with permission, a large group did not participate, there was water from the beginning of the day. In addition, it is a sub-election. In total, voter's presence was low.

The weather was hostile from the morning on election day. Polling people were hoping that the authorities would bring voters' presence. But after the sun rises, voters can not even see it after sunrise. Analysts say that there was no interest in choosing among its generals, because their & # 39; Most of the parties, including BNP, participate in this election.

Khandaker, Mosharraf Hossain, Member of the BNP Sustainable Committee, said that the people refused the DNCCC subordinate. After giving thanks to the grave of Ziaur Rahman who founded BNP yesterday, tell your reporters that there was no vote of voters in this election election and no one voted. The Awami League candidate got so many votes? The government showed 31 per cent of the vote on the system.

His consultant, Hossain Zillur Rahman, who was a government consultant. Previously, in the first light, on one side there was no competition in this selection. On the other hand, the people felt they did not vote because of what happened in the last general elections, and nothing will be done in the results. Control results will be carried out in some way. So people have turned away from the elections.

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