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& Music calendar & # 39; ATN Bangla
ATN Bangla's music will be held tonight at 12 noon. Momentes of Music The program was created with a partnership of four major stars of the music world of Banglaidia. Conversation, Quiz and Songs – Music & Musical Instruments & # 39; organized by these three categories. Fahmida Nabi, Bappa Majumder, Dilshad Nahar (Kana) and Imran Mahmudul (Imran) have taken part in the service. Artists participating in the collection of questionnaires, conversation, and basic and bilingual songs from complex video songs. The voice of Fahmida Nabi is heard in the song Oye Karnishte & # 39; Bappa Majumder will tell the song & # 39; You Nai & # 39; Kanara's voice will be kana & # 39; and Imran's voice & smoking. In addition, Rangy Rangila & # 39; Fahmida Nabil and Bappa Majumdar's Duaet in Your Eyes & # 39; and Kuna's songs and Imran's Secondet. You are my poem & # 39; The song that will be broadcast on the old day, And again that night, & # 39; Do not try to disagree & # 39; and After many times I found it & # 39; Mann Tuman The program was organized by the engineer and the Comedian Naveed Mahbub.
Channel Aight & Jupiter Tung & # 39;
Channel Aue is now broadcasting from the drama series & # 39; Jupiter Tungge today in Malaysia. Mosharraf Karim was working in his opinion; Originally, he directed this series by Raihan Khan. In addition, Mamunur Rashid, Tariq Anam Khan, Mosharraf Karim, Saju Khadem, Runa Khan, Sanjida Preeti, Jui Karim, Mishu Sabbir, Kazi Asif, Nabila, Ujjal Mahmud, Shahidullah Sabuj, Emilah, Hafsa Munir (Malaysia) . The drama will be broadcast on all Robi, Mercury, Friday night at 9:35 pm.
Mayan Masnad & # 39; on NTV
The wild series & Maya Masanad & # 39; broadcast on NTV today at 8:20 pm. The drama is broadcast every week on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Lead Mr. Salahuddin plays the story with the story and script of Arindam Guha. Episode directed by Atiqur Rahman Belal and director of the Maksudul Imu scene. Sohail Rana, Saberi Alam, Sulti Wadud, Golam Farida Chanda, Abid Rehan, Shashi, Niloy Alamgir, Nomira Mou, Mousumi Nag, Momay Chowdhury, Ellora Gahr, Shampa Reza, artist Sarkar Apu and others.
Player & # 39; in BengaliVision
The "player" series is played in BengaliVision. The drama will be broadcast in the form and direction of Masud Sage, every week at 9pm and 5pm on Monday. There, Chanchal Chowdhury, Bandhon, Moutuishi Biswas said. Ezai, Shamima Nazneen, Abdullah Rana, Nabila Ioslam, Sajjad Reza, Mukul Siraj, Neela Islam, Ahsan Kabir, Musafir Bachchu, Shahid U Nabi, Jahangir Alam, Sohag Ansari, Sathi Mahmud, Masaruk Titu, Roonak Puspa, Khusbu.
Hercules & # 39; on Maasranga Television
The audience does not remember the television series & # 39; Hercules Many people in the United States series called Bangla in Bengali Television have been involved in the series long ago. In particular the young generation was drawn to Hercules. This series of genres of genius can not be seen based on many audiences of this generation. Hercules & # 39; Moving to Maasranga Television to give new generation opportunities to visitors and to revive the old memories of the old audience. Since today, the series is being started in Fishranga. This series will be broadcast from 9pm on each Robi until Thursday.

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