Under an incredible price show, a sensor can provide Xiaomi fingerprints of Oppo K1? Read reviews

In 2019 there will be a thin leaflet, one camera with a good camera and a market. All ports and buttons have dropped by phone too. When more than one of the technology becomes ahead of the priorities in the new year, the key factor of the year began to expire; accessing a midrange device.

Oppo K1 is the first name of this list. It is the first smartphone in its & # 39; company in the series. Telephone sensors have a fingerprint at this phone. This is a & # 39; The first time a finger detector is detected under the digital phone display of such a low price. There is a self-25 megapixel camera. How good did Oppo K1 do with & # 39; Showcase fingerprint at less than twenty thousand rupe? We have scrutinized this phone for this purpose.

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Planning and Construction

Oppo K1 was launched in China in October. Oppo F9 Op Op Oppo K1 is designed to be encouraged by phone.

Fionngach Flora is behind the phone. These smartphones have a large 3D impact compared to light. The strong Oppo K1 status easily boosts the keyboards on its & # 39; phone. Sim Sim card can be used simultaneously with two sim card and micro SD card. A Grid Speaker, a large USB port and a 3.5mm phone vessel is set by phone.

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Oppo K1 back 1 ndtv OppoOpposition K1 has a narrow end behind her phone

Oppo K1 has a FHD + 6.41-inch display. Gorilla 5 protection protection is at the top of the show. The AMOLED panel has an Oppo K1 phone to use the fingerprint sensor under the display. The AMOLED exhibition can be shown at a very low price at this price. There is a falling water style that is above the show. Screen phones are connected to the phone. There is also a 10W box with a box.

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Oppo K1 is displayed ndtv Oppo K1 Aurora phone fonts under the Oppo K1 phone under display are fantastic prices


The Dual SIM Oppo K1 phone runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo system, the ColorOS 5.2 skin of the company itself. Oppo K1 has a FHD + 6.4-inch display. The Snapdragon 660, 4GB / 6GB RAM and 64GB chipset will be stored inside its & # 39; phone.

For a connection, 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi in 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS / A-GPS and GLONASS have used Oppo for this phone. There is a 3,600 mAh battery.

On this phone, the Android 8.1 Oreo system will run on the ColorOS 5.2 skin of the company itself.

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Oppo K1 apps ndtv oppo K1oOn Oppo K1 phone, the Android 8.1 Oreo system will run on the ColorOS 5.2 skin of the company itself

Games, Performance and Life Products

The daily use of this phone has not been a problem. However, it's very difficult to use a more mobile one-hand phone. The AMOLED display is very clear telephone. There was no problem with this phone in daylight. This phone is never slower, even with 4GB of RAM.

However, the generator sensor under the display is slower than the standard fingerprint sensor. The problem was seen in the phones that were used with the digital sensor on their phone to date. Oppo K1 will be locked shortly after you have placed a second branch on the special spot on the show.

Face Face Feature Faster Face of this phone. Like other mobile phones, the Oppo K1 Face Alock works correctly.

At the time of the inspection, Antutu Benchmark received 1,28,852 Oppo K1. There was no problem playing heavy graphic games such as PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9: Legends on and # 39; phone.

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Oppo K1 ndtv Oppo K1o PuirtOppo K1 speaker, large USB port and 3.5mm Jack by phone at the bottom of the phone

Oppo K1 phone has 16 camera of two megapixel + 2 megapixel double camera for photos. Connect with LED flash. A 25-megapixel camera is in front of its phone to take the selfie.

Cell phone cameras on this phone are & # 39; including the fitness habits of artificial information. These beauty modes can be used at different levels.

The skin faces a smooth face through its beautiful way. If you like this selfie type, she likes to take pictures at the Oppo K1 camera camera. The Blur in Selfie Background also features. The low light was taken by camera and phone.

A primary 16 megapixel awareness is behind the phone. F / 1.7 The opening of good pictures in low light can be opened due to Oppo K1 camera behind phone. At this price, there is little noise in the lower movie of other phones, but Oppo K1 cameras have a low noise compared to the movie.

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Its beauty is better off without decoration help

A beauty method can be done; skin is worse

In light, Oppo K1 phone camera has a good picture. This HDR mode is great for census balancing. A good look was also found in the Macro camera camera behind Oppo K1.

4K camera Oppo K1 can phone 4 video. However, there was more saturation in the video that was built at a 4K configuration. There is no sustainability. However, good results were found in a 1080p video taken on the back camera of this phone.

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Oppo K1 Click on the picture to see a full picture of a phone

This phone has a 3,600 mAh battery. This device has been 12 hours and 36 minutes in our HD video clip. However, the VOOC company's fast-term taxation facility can not be found on its & # 39; phone. There is a 10W bracket in the box. This carrier takes two and a half hours to pay the Oppo K1.

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The footprint sensor is displayed at an Oppo K1 phone at just 16,990. The AMOLED presentation together What is not available on other phones at this price. Oppo K1 is a Snapdragon 660 chipset inside its phone. The same chipset is used on Realme 2 Pro and Vivo V9 Pro phones.

But the quality of Oppo K1 phone construction is fragile. There is no USB Type-C port in this phone This phone camera makes a good picture in low light. However, ColorOS's machine still has a & # 39; going to spam attack.

However, with a good performance on this phone, a large showcase can be found with a large display, cell phone camera camera, good battery life, and underground touch sensors. Holding Oppo K1 ahead of any of these phones.

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