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West Indies Team Andre Andre Russell; 10 others; in the World Cup!

Andre Russell After winning the team with a remarkable battalion. Photo: AFP

André Russell is making a unique example of power heating; in the IPL. Tomorrow, he lost only Bengaluru.

The World Cup in the middle last night West Indies team up with Brian Lara, Andre Russell and 10 others. Feeling surprised? If you see the Bangalore IPL-Kolkata match tomorrow, the bag doesn't have to be too tight. And if there are regular listeners to the IPL, there are no references. The Lara team in the west of Lara can play the World Cup!

Kolkata Knight Riders have played four games so far in the IPL. Russell received 5 wickets in these four games. But there is no opportunity to remember these. Look at batting – the first game between 19 and 49. Because of the thrust out In the next game, Kolkata was fighting at Kolkata first, with two balls to be plucked, 48 flowing from 17 balls. And, as usual, Kolkata won the game. Then the enemies of Delhi Capitals Russell could play games against them. That means 20 next to the member -28. The number of routes is sixty-six. The superb Calcutta game couldn't win the game.

The team had to lose their tomorrow. Russell was not animated on 1 for 2, with no medals of 53 people from 18 Kolkata. From there until 12, we have 30. We gave Russell the 19th century alone. Immediately, the rest of the runs came from Gillar's decorations. It is said that a little more is broken. Russell has confirmed that the level of Bengaluru will be provided by providing 7 chakras and 1 fourth from the 19th delivery from the third 18th member. The famous India reporter tweet Harsha Voghal, Andre Russell-E, is the world's worst cricket champion after seeing a 13 tornado in just 13 balls.

Just so scary? It can be defined in four games. Russell has played 77 balls in these four games. Just over a quarter of it is just hitting the chakki! In the 22 six Raseli was crossing the six main IPL views this season. With 12 rounds of four. Around half of the number (34) in 77 members, Russell has just hit four times. The return states that every 2 members are six or six, but four have four. You can say the scary scary is # 39; in a bat like this and it may not be a word about the word.

There is more space for boxers' concerns with Russell. He now has special characteristics in the IPL for his six people. Chhattisgarh is adding to each game! In the first game (Hyderabad) they defeated four six, in the next game (Punjab) 5 six, and then against Delhi 6 sixes and then against Bengaluru, 7 six. Rulele has to hit eight against the next Rajasthan opponent, when the rules of game go ahead! Thinking about that, Rajasthan's bowls are now planning a special plan to stop Russell, he's not known!

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