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Where were the entertainment needed?

As long as the modeling was carried out, Anika Kabir is supporting acting. But the power was far away. But when the carrier moves in love; After days, she got tired of getting married. The actor hasn't been able to settle this model in the area run by the family. Now his family is not busy in the showbiz area. Hobby is no longer of personal life, but nothing more than close relatives. The figures that he used to deal with the media were also closed down for a long time.

We know that he has no one to communicate with in the showroom. The actress is never seen too much in the showbiz program. It takes time like himself. If needed, he communicates with everyone. Most of the time its mobile is available. Because of this, many planners did not reveal it.

Aura's field has been hidden after the actor Neilay interrupted. Since then, irregularities in performance. He took a long time from work and nearly turned himself around. But did not stop the action?

Akka Kabi Hobbies

He was born
He was born on 25 October 1994 at the National Hospital in Dhaka.

Early life
Munshiganj Shakhar Town House Education begins at the feast of Ganderia Kishaloy Kachikoghar in school. He was seen to be dancing when he was 4 or 5 years old. He used to dance. His interest in dancing is pulling a father, who was admitted to a Ganderi dance school near the house. From there to the Children's Academy Due to the speed of the dance money, it soon became a dancer. In 2009, he saw the side SS, C. t

Convey a symbolic model
The model of the film was awakened by the weather Then the drama started and the film began. Hash made the first advertisement as a model. The first business was SanSilk (Steel Add). An excellent performance was shown along with the film maker Riaz in an alcohol advert. There are then several advertisements from the Banglalink series. The Banglalink series features the new advert in the dance series, like a model, getting life as a dance girl. This advert adds new sizes to his post.

As well as advertising the balalink series, the entertainment has been designed for a range of materials that include a lot of time including closeup, parasut, fairness fair, nokia, and Walton. An advertising figure of Akter Matrese then showed in front of Super Nobel Model.

Activities like television stars
Acting in the first TV drama, in 2002, as a children's artist, in a play called "Signature". Although he is a children's artist, he was about his first drama. He's got a chance to work with an actor like Rasul Islam Assad in the drama Didarul Alam Badlar. He then starred in the play 'Nita', directed by Kayes Chowdhury. Among them were Tauqir Ahmed, Afsana Mimi, Amjad Hossain and many others. Hobby was a children's artist in two plays.

Then the recreation came after a long rest. The first act of stars in a career Advuture & # 39; with the series' Begum. Then one of the FNF's at Redwan Rony, “Fifty Fifty”, Iftekhar Fahmi, “Job Item”, “Dibarrati Open”, “Aithris” Mahfuz Ahmed, “All the Best By acting as an actor it will be valued. Many people think that leisure activities are more suitable than just teenage characters. As well as breaking the opinion, there are pastimes played by some dramas.

Hobbies on the big screen
Barclays first released the scene in October 2010. The film's name is 'Not you You Me & # 39'; In front of Shakib Khan, the creator was playing FIFA Manik. Although the film is a winning business, he has been unable to see a new film for nearly a year. In 2012, he worked on his second film, which was published in 2013. Its name is Little Short Love Story. Unlike Nilay's modeling of the recreation in the film.

Recreation of the scandal
According to the campaigners, a Priva, after Cathy, a close-up of the model and actress Anika Kabir Shaikh, were shown in the same viral internet version of the 2011 video. T 2 minutes 3 3, it was similar to a recreation, with a girl in the face of a man's face unsure. But, the time spent saying that this was not the video which he made, he didn't. To spoil his social life and career, the video was created and redeemed on the market by another girl like her. With this scandal, there was a great upheaval and conference in social media. Nature's pastimes.

Shaw went to a newspaper office with his father. He complained that he had come to the media for a short time. In the meantime, many have been playing games & games; because he was so handsome. But now he no longer accepts it again. Hobby's father said, “I don't let my daughter go home alone in the washing room. And while I am working in the media, I'm not always with her mother with her. I think it was someone who did this to harm my hobby. "Challenge Hobby," If anyone can prove that the video is so, I will leave the media. "

After this, the model has devoted long time to advertising. According to the agreement with Banglalink, he works regularly in one email. As well as the banglalink, entertainment has also been working in Walton advertising. Otherwise, sport is played on play in different series.

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