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A disagreement of death in the accident, unstitutional in the & # 39; parliament on Tuesday
He asked the government to question in the question.

Hasina's old state minister, Chunnu, said that anyone who looks at the crash could stop the road

On the road
She asked her / her principal to put the 5-point directors into action to control it. By no means
Road Transport Minister's Statement of 300 rules, he said.

Chief of the main challenges of Chunnu said, "There are road accidents around the world. But then
Road accidents in Bangladesh are slightly larger. Recent road accidents have grown so large,
Many people die; There seems to be no one to see. "

Tell your health group; Registration is recorded in Bangladesh
In addition to the 38 lakh vehicles, there are two million licensed drivers.

18 million cars that run? Without a doubt driving on the driving lines, "said Chunn.

Mujibul Haque Chunnu (file design)

Mujibul Haque Chunnu (file design)

Who is the owner of the cars – and raised questions, he said, "Those who do the law enforcement,
Many people have many cars The essential steps are not taken here. "

Jatiya Party Presidium member said, "We are
Sometimes, our road transport minister arrives on the road to Driver Taxi Taxi
Do not see if there is permission. But the road accidents occur, create public
It's been there. Is there anyone to see this? "

A description of road shift, said the state minister. Previously, "At that time the Prime Minister
Five points were directed to avoid road accidents. I say to the Minister for Road Transport
What is the delivery of Prime Minister's guidance? What do they do?
No? When do you do it? "

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