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With the latest news, the hero Bubli is now a doctor!

Shabnam Bubali returns from the newspapers in the film. The Shakib Khan Superstar is compiled by a pair of successive blows. Bubblicone presents itself in different formats for the needs of its character. Continuing, in the film Malek Afsari, 'Passwords', Bubbl is a doctor. Previously, he got a job as a judge in Boshiri.

More recently, some photographs of shooting showcases are being spilled on Facebook. It is observed that Bubli operates as a MBBS doctor in Shyamoli-based Bangladesh Hospital, in the main city. He took part in a fire in hospital and in front of the week. This will be seen as the hero, opposite David Superstar Shakib Khan, as a hero.

At the same time, director Malik Afsari wrote status on his Facebook page, "Working in a natural environment is very difficult. The pressures on people are very stressful. It's also costly to deal with all the work. T This is my unit.

Iqbal Hossain makes passwords & # 39; by Shakib Khan in the film banner SK. In the film Shakib Khan-Bubli covers more than Emon, Misha Saudagar, Don.

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