Bangnat & # 39; drink before the end of the day. 12, rape. Warranty was arrested.



Bang Bang will open its & # 39; mouth to the end of the emergency, at the age of 12 Be drunk and get emotional Before the doctor dropped the impressive breakdown of the abandoned building Published that he had a good knowledge of his & 39; mother and mother Find warranty arrest The two burglaries and drugs cases

In the case of a 12-year-old daughter's daughter's mother informing the police officer of Hua Mak that the girl is thrown out in an emergency in a 7-storey building abandoned in Ramkhamhaeng Road, District Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok Till home The assistant recognized the event So the wounded woman met with the investigating officer to oppose the offenders The event was held on 13 February at 23.50 m . Subsequently, the startup revealed that "Bang Nat" was the age of 42 years, as stated.

Bang Nut / Progress at 16.00 on 17 February atPatrol Department and Special Works 191 Pol.Lt. Gen. came Samran Nuan to the Office of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health with police officers Mr Samruai or Bangnat Jitmum, age 42, who were prosecuted in the Criminal Court No. 257/2562 dated 14 February, 2019, in violation of the age of 15 years from parents, carers or guardians for a Children's Disruption dispute up to 13 years of age, threatening in any way by doing something; using violence or being in a position that can not resist

Pol.Lt. Gen. Samran said the staff team of the research team received news about the 2 teams in the field of research. According to different places Who believes that Mr Samui will flee to hide With Mr Samruay, there is no money There is usually a abandoned dwelling in a house

Until he learned that On the night of February 16, Mr Samruay made a Honda motor motif, click on green, Wuang 176 registration number, Bangkok The car would be disrupted at home And they knew that Mr. Samui fled. ; live in the shelter There are no figures in the Bueng Samran community. Neighborhood Road Nawamin 26, Snaim 1, Sub-division Khlong Kum, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok So force the search into the block until it was possible to arrest Mr Samui

The PDP said it was from the first inspection, Mr Samui He was sure that he was the right person Because of the daughter of A's mother and her own children, as well as on the day before the cause of drug misuse. , causing sexual ties So to hit the & # 39; girlfriend Ama was rape

From back-up analyzes, Mr Samruay acknowledged two warranties for stealing Saimai Police Station and Minburi Police Station and was also arrested for drug misuse in Lieutenant Chokchai, Lieutenant Khok Kram and Bueng Kum in the year 2012 and 2018

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