«Bankers» increase the price of the dollar and foreign currency against the pound


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«Bankers» eliminate the dollar increase and foreign exchange of the pound from the Schoolmaster's site, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

«Bankers» increase the price of the dollar and foreign currency against the pound

Walid Magdy Hassan Hamid Published in Egypt today on 18-11 – 2018

Bankers have blocked the move to the dollar in the future due to a small increase, encompassing a number of reasons, in particular a major development in foreign exchange sources, with a significant difference in the level exchange between Egypt and Egypt, promoting investments Only foreign occupations in the Egyptian market.
Shahar al-Damati, a banking expert, confirmed that the development in the economics of the Egyptian economy demonstrates a steady exchange rate. As it is known, the export funds were increased from 18 to 23 billion dollars, 7 billion dollars to the tourism, the Suez Canal to about 6 billion dollars, a foreign $ 7.8 billion foreign exchange, registered by & # 39; grows up.
In addition, Egypt's self-confidence helped to create a Dhahr division without affecting the route of almost $ 10 billion of foreign forms in financial bills and stock market. The increase in oil prices to $ 70 would be a big discount in the budget, if it was not for a new search.
Al-Dumaty stated that some were aware that the dollar's movement was, and # 39; forgetting the leading signs of the Egyptian economy, with great concern of interest, for the difference in the money of Egypt and the foreign countries. The Swiss currency interest is 15.25%, and 5% for foreign money. Out of the middle bank in & # 39; financial policy guidance.
He said: "The rise in the international value of the Egyptian economy with a World Bank certificate and international centers helps to make dollar bonds over time which will be at low levels between the lowest between 5 and 6%, to use the old, 8.5% useful over 30 years, which is far back "
Al-Dumaiti was able to move foreign currency over the coming period, saying that "we have many tools and procedures to do so; reducing the demand for the dollar, by providing brown bundles in foreign markets, an exporter focus, a roof proposal for the introduction of money for cars, Especially with the implementation of a European-European partnership agreement, which allows cars to get into Egypt in January 2019. This makes a huge demand for cars, so it must be stopped until there are more state assets.
In his regard, banking expert Youssef Farouk said that there would be no significant shifts in the price of the dollar during the future, saying: Opinion on the dollar's move since the beginning of 2018, has risen from 17.58 to 17.98 pounds, an increase of 1.7%.
"The dollar does not rise by the end of this year, and it is expected that it will not exceed 18.25 pounds in 2019, an increase of over 1.5 per cent. This depends on the price of oil and food in the world, as Egypt is one of the largest wheat restaurants in the world, "he said.
Imad Jamal Aldin, a member of the exchange department at Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that rural funds are available and that the market is stable and is available to all and that there are no objections to the management of the needs of companies and citizens. He said Saudi Riyal is stable in the exchange market. The Umrah time of the prophet's birth is now compared to the last years. The demand for a Saudi dispute is expected to fall by 25%, and it is expected that the demand for Saudi money will continue to be, this is the only Arab currency that has shown consistency in the market Egyptian exchange over the past half a year.

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