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In September 2019, a new regulation by the European Commission will become effective, confirming the requirements for using code cards. Therefore, banks must introduce additional security features with regard to the use of code cards. According to Financial Treasury Association data, in January this year, 54.6% of bank customers used a smartphone app, 14.8% used code calculators, and 30.6% still used code cards.

Ilya Nogchev, co-chair of the Financial Industry Association Digital Reform Committee, says: The European Commission's governance says code codes are not meeting security standards. “The code card has numbers that the user has to register in order that they can connect to the internet bank and check payment. These codes are unchanged. So, if we look at the security areas, the simple code card is stolen or built with card code content, ”explained Nogchev.

Additional safety features were introduced in 2017. Banks use cookies to cut boundaries by using code cards. The next step is 1 April this year. If you wish to buy online, Visa and MasterCard will no longer accept code cards. The next step of 14th September is no coding cards to be found in other European Union countries, ”said Nogičev.

He also says that the number of users who are using code cards is decreasing. For example, in January 2018, around 65% entered an internet bank or mobile claim with a code card, but this year it was about 30% in January.

Each commercial bank offers a number of types of proof of identity or client identity. Ms Martin Drust, Head of Swedbank's network of associates, says that half a million buyers already use ID ID, and code cards still use 208,000 customers. The bank is gradually reducing the limit by being paid to the internet bank by the code card, and now it is the limit of 50 euros.

“The number of customers is very similar in Riga and outside Riga. In the open air there are self-service branches where the number of customers is more than 4 hours consistent with the time of reception, but we are looking for ways of increasing our frequency and availability. hours longer. There was a myth that increasing use of country code numbers, but many of our customers have smartphones. People who have resigned will use a code calculator as they feel the calculator is easier to understand. But it's harder to use, 'said Drust.

Banks allows buyers of enumerators to buy a code that will create a new combination of its senators each time. But Citadele Bank offers proof on its mobile app even with fingerprints or face recognition.

“We offer to access your internet bank and interpretive payments or to represent your presence from mobile phones. It will also be used by young bank buyers more daring. It is very handy if you laugh and phone your internet. But the customer always has the option: always use a code that he knows, or uses a finger, ”said Dreimanis of Citadele Bank.

Citadele users will be able to use code cards, but with text messages. Yes, but there will be trade limits – it can be moved up to two thousand euro per day, text message means that the user enters a password, a code from the code, and t receiving a text message on the mobile phone giving its added security code As a multi-factorial solution accepted by the European Union, it gives added security to customers. that there are customers who are not mobile and then receive this response by text message, we understand that, so we continue to offer it, ”explained Dreanis.

Any change will affect our daily lives and is more difficult to accommodate. Good news – bank users can choose which solution to find more comfortable.

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