Bao Anh went into tears as the students put the main threat


The book's 9 "The Voice Kids" 2018 was broadcast on the night of 17/11, and the first night of the small show. Each team coaches and competitors create a small show and only one team with the highest votes of the force audience can be maintained.

The opening of this unique competition is the Bao Anh team – Khac Hung with the theme "Colors of life". The story is followed by the songs that give a lot of meaning to life, from an incredible look to her; baby.

The opening is the little girl Bao Anh With the song "My house in the back of the hill", the song is heavy in the Northwest with a soft tune, the words of poetry that are central to Thuy Chi are; using the listener. Bao Anh was converted to a Highland girl, dreaming of being converted into a big bird. fly and tell people about their beautiful life instead.

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Bao Anh

All of the lively, lively, lively music songs are given to the audience on the Highlands, where there are hills, winding roads into the town. There was also a laughter of a mother, the beauty of flowers, the green terms in the middle of a picnic. Again Bao Anh's sweet voice defeated the coaches and hosted the audience.

Minh Chien Bringing the audience into a strange planet through the song "Sitting sad sad song", where there is no other robot, so he needs to find music to fill the same place.

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Minh Chien

Minh Chien has created a vibrant, lively and confident animated style that gave the dance audience the boy. Bao Anh and Khac Hung are always laughing when they go look at the "accomplishment of an old man".

Still in the subject of a dream, a little girl Minh Ngoc The song "Everyone who has a dream" with her dreamer wants to be a clear star in the sky.

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Minh Ngoc

Minh Ngoc shows his voice inside and his ability to & # 39; sing English very well. Visitors are sufficiently trained on the audience to feel that they have cake skin. Bao Anh was looking closely at the students and was pleased to see the students on the stage in the final exercises.

Including audience to classroom classroom, Khoi Playing the song "Because I'm alive" by Tien Tien's story is an interesting story about the age of students with her; betrayal, sometimes in life, the survey is not expected but let's be fun Looking and watching. trying to change life.

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This is also an excellent resource of energy that Anh Khoi gives and inspires young people. Bao Anh Coach – Khac Hung was very interested in watching student achievement and his / her. singing on stage.

The girl "chubby" Phuong Vy The song "All about that bass" – the international song "to do a fever" with words, tone of meaning.


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Phuong Vy

With her own self-confidence message, Phuong Vy gave a beautiful and beautiful voice presentation inside the organization. She has the ability to sing English high quality to listeners and they are listening to them. they enjoyed when Phuong Vy came down the stage to sit with her.

The "Colors of Life" theme continues to "What I Do" – a copy of Khac Hung's Choach for his & her; boy. Van MinhSouth Westerly

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Van Minh

With the message to make better life with good things and eliminate misunderstanding, Van Minh has given a meaningful thing. This promises to be a new co-script of Khac Hung at the Guth Kids 2018 competition.

Van Minh – Minh Ngoc Together, they made the song "Simple". Both messages have a simple life spread to everyone.

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Van Minh – Minh Ngoc

Finally, the tallest team, Bao Anh, has been singing together for the song "Singing", which says that all the young people have a dream to be together, learning , be fun and have a & # 39; sing together. A mini show of the Bao Anh team – Khac Hung together with many of the feelings.

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Senior team 6 Bao Anh – Khac Hung

The 6 main teams, Bao Anh – Khac Hung, went out on the platform to listen to ideas. Coach Vu Cat Tuong said that she disturbed Thien Minh despite being ill, but did not affect her style and that he was very fond of this spirit, especially and She likes the song written by Khac Hung coach. And in the sixth program, she liked her & # 39; reception at Phuong Vy.

The Luu Huong Giang coach enjoyed the Van Minh – Minh Ngoc duet, and she also decided when they were doing it; Watching the Van Minh exhibition because he had a fever of 40 degrees. Coach Ho Hoai Anh felt that his & her; Children sing very differently and really nice and modern. He also praised Bao Anh's theme – Khac Hung's team is very civil and good.

And the results, after the Bao Anh debating coach – Khac Hung has decided to make a child of Bao Anh and Khoi in her; a major threat. Two coaches were entered into tears on the "hot seat" when this difficult decision was made.

Book 10 The Voice Kids – Vietnam's 2018 voice choir on air at 21h15 on 24/11 on VTV3 Vietnam television station.

Kim Dung / VOV.VN
Photograph: BTC

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