Michelle Obama's new "Becoming" memorandum will still provide a closer look for readers in the life of the old woman. Soon, let's go out, look back at what she has already split.

WASHINGTON – Former President Barack Obama saves the house safely at the Michelle Obama book show in Washington.

The first woman has a & # 39; travel the country promotes his memoir, "Becoming," and took part in the Saturday night talk with his long-term friendship and former consultant advisor White House Obama, Valerie Jarrett.

When the conversation touched Michelle's feelings about her husband, Jarrett named "special guest" and Barack Obama came on stage with a garden of pink roses to his wife.

The Capital One Arena moved to casualties, led by the old president to compare himself and the rapper Jay-Z.

"This is similar, you know when Jay-Z comes out at the Beyonce concert? … Mar, & Crazy in Love & # 39 ;?" Obama said. "It's the only thing. There's only a bit of a sample to add to the show".

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Jarrett asked him about what Michelle took his heart when they met at a Chicago law firm, where she was a councilor.

Barack Obama said she was "one of a kind," strong and honest, and someone who knew he could always count.

He also said he knew if she was the mother of the children whose children were "amazing".

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