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March 22, 2019 13:49:23

Ben Barba, who prevents rugby, says he's just going to get on with his life and getting rid of public causes after the event is finished. rugby.

Key points:

  • Barba said he just wanted to be "a regular person and take me"
  • He confessed that he lost his fur with last month's reporter, saying he was trying to protect his children. T
  • Barba said he had never "felt so free" since he left the NRL.

Barba said that it was unlikely that he would now return to NRL.

The 29-year-old was accused of two bad public accounts after Townsville Casino in January.

He was learning with the North Queensland Cowboys at the time, but the event succeeded in destroying the club and was hit by the NRL.

NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg has said that he never saw it in the future when Barba played a rugby league in Australia again.

Speaking outside the Magistrates Court in Townsville on Friday morning, Barba said he hoped it would move on once the case was heard again in April.

"It's good to be getting on with my life," said Barba.

“It's obvious that I've been to theirs, and only the only thing [thing] I can move forward and get on with my life and I think it's a normal person and that I enjoy it.

This case was adjourned to be heard at the Magistrates Court on 16 April.

BarB Campbell Campbell MacCallum said he would go in for a guilty plague.

Mr MacCallum asked that the case be heard in MacKay as Barba lived and worked there, making it more "effective" and "cost effective".

'I wasn't feeling so free & never;

Earlier this month, when he turned to Mackay's Police Station, Barba changed with Nine News journalist.

Barba said he had been trying to keep his children away from the cause.

"I lost my taste a few days ago when people were going around them," said Barba.

"I will do anything for my children and I might have done something wrong but that is how far I go to protect my children."

Barba stated that it was unlikely that he would return to NRL.

"As bad as the situation, I have never been so free as to be able to sustain a kind of life without a running weight," said Barba.

"I hope I will get the club's permission to go out and go from there."

The companion at Barba was waiting outside Townsville Judges Court to collect it.

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