Barbara Drso, who rarely attacks Rudy Zerbi, is the reason


Lovely song

Barbara Drso Bear is a major attack on those who are violently involved in women, old people or children. But in the program Evening 5, the countryside Barbara Drso mentions the talent Friends, to come well to & # 39; conversation between Rudy Zerbi and the young singer Alessandro Casillo.

Then there was a Daughter deal directly with colleague Maria De Filippi, definition that it is & # 39; Continue every day, before living, continuing a talented Canale 5. A teacher who finds the right way to stimulate a boy over time, will be considered.

Worship important

Barbara Drso a huge attack on the people who bear them with neglect. During his Evening 5, he said on an incident in school Friends. Rudy Zerbi, who was a professor of Canale 5 school, had held a conversation with a rival, Alessandro Casillo. The Drso Bear spoke as follows:

"Young people in music are supported, we have an example. We have Maria de Filippi that supports young people with a huge spread ".

The reporter then turned directly Maria De Filippi:

"Maria, I'm still living, in the cleaning room … Maria, love, you know, My television is on Channel 5 and yes Friends. But masters, my mother, kill those boys. But cabbage they come from real talents. Rudy Zerbi, for example, was today to "" perform a bad singer to do it right. "

One can not agree with these words, which the woman of the show, can show even more as a person should be able to; inspecting and doing always enough to get the highest.

The fight with Mowgly

In her programs, Barbara Drso is a major attack on those who do not. respect for themselves and others. In his afternoon broadcast, he talked about how Amici would, his teachers Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano, receiving a hard bump with two students in particular: Alessandro Casillo and Mowgly.

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