Barbara Valentin, the sex bomb who fell in love with Freddie Mercury and accompanying him in his subjects TV and Exhibition


Despite her & # 39; a mischievous personality that he showed on a platform, Freddie Mercurand was a reserved man with very few friends. In fact, only two were acquainted with it.

Mary Austin, her sweetheart, one of them and his wife. The other was Jim Hutton, The man he spent his last six years.

And although Mary and James were the most important of their life, they did not; they are the only ones. There was a wide list of loved ones in the finances, which included men and women, many of whom did not; affect their poem, but only one: Barbara Valentin.

Valentin was a poreapple actress in Austria compared to Brigitte Bardot in Germany, where she lived with her daughter. In that country, he met Freddie in the 80's, when he moved to Munich to get inspiration for his first album.

It was astonished at the market with her; town and with Barbara, who met him in a gay record. The connection was straightforward and the two were closely related.

Barbara Valentin
Barbara Valentin

"My mother was a nightclub, she was closely linked to the glance and was fluent in English (…) She did not know anything about the Queen, she was not familiar with her music, so Freddie was a normal man for her ", daughter of her actress, Minki Reichardt, told the German newspaper Bild.

Barbara's to # #; Mary's trial and became a partner of Freddie for her hard nights.

His actress was very tight and attracted a strong personality,
Even according to historian Freddie, Lesley-Ann Jones, Valentin's influence on the life and work of Mercury.

"She and Freddie met in Munich when their Queen recorded there in 84, they fell in love and set up a home," said Jones. "Barbara loved his life and was also the same: they are each other's mirror. She added to all the ways to be seen – sexually, peacefully, in every way. He was really looking for it, "said Jones
British The Telegraph Newspaper.

However, the girl of her actress does not agree with this statement and her; make sure that the couple did not have sex. "The couple were close to each other, often slept in the same bed, but they did not have a", convicted of Reichardt who was 17 years old at that time.

Freddie and Barbara in 1984
Freddie and Barbara in 1984

According to Reichardt, Queen's music was not so popular at that time, but Freddie gave him a very enthusiastic and generous man. "In those days, I started to go out at night and, indeed, how teenagers do, they asked me money money. she said to Freddie: "Freddie comes, give him money." Freddie searched the tight clothes, put out a ticket and put it in hand. This may have been a sign of 10 or 100-note, he did not know anything about the German currency and was not really real for him, "he said.

But while Mercury and Barbara had gone, get fun, they were not close to the singer to see the relationship with good eyes and blames; The woman was blamed for a lot more than her; musician with drugs and alcohol.

But Freddie, who was even a songwriter, did not have much of the warnings for her. actress and invited her to be a star in the video video. It is about it It's a hard life, one of the most striking fragments of the band, which left the rest of the members was very happy.

Open mental mind; in Barbara and found out who Freddie was and what he really wanted, and so when he met someone else, he took it to an adult, He rested his friends and ideas.

"He was with her, not with Mary Austin, when she was diagnosed with AIDS, in 1987. He all gave it to Barbara, not with Mary. Mary was somewhere else, I & # 39; I think I'm pregnant with a child, "he put the life. "Mary was not the nearest man in the last days of life"he said.

Despite this, when Freddie died in 1991, Barbara received a call to ask her not to go; serving the funeral. "I can not even have it for her funeral," named in Jones' book, Mercury: A little history about Freddie Mercury.

Jim Hutton, Barbara Valentin & Freddie Mercury in 1989
Jim Hutton, Barbara Valentin & Freddie Mercury in 1989

"After that we had been living together. The pain was awful. I never understood it. I have never had any love like the ones I had with Freddie before, and I did not; I got it again, "he said.

"My love is great. It's still like that. 20 women needed to stay a hundred years each for my own. It's best to stop at the right time. I think that's what he did, too, "he finished.

After Barbara's death, the woman continued to stay in her; Germany was living with her daughter, until she died with disease in 2002.

Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentin
Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury and Barbara Valentin
Barbara Valentin and Freddie Mercury
Barbara Valentin and Freddie Mercury

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