Barbie Vélez said he would welcome Fede Bal in Mar del Plata: Show what he said!


Barbie Vélez and Fede Bal They went through brutality breaking and they were informed. Now, each one and, individually, they make a season in Mar del Plata and they could go over at any time.

In this context, Barbie made a conversation with Confrontados and responded if you'd like to go to the actor: "No, obviously not", he answered

Then, Barbara thought about Nazarene's decision to accompany her during the season: "I was never 24 years old, I would not put her on her at all, I feel it would be too expensive for me to do everything she did. " Something born to her was a mother and she also came. But the truth is that I live very naturally, I do not. going to places, I'm going where I want, I eat, I do not; positioning myself or doing my head. finished.

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