Barbie's Seagag has been a hard feeling. She had no longer been here


At the age of nine, she was worried.

Gabriel Jiráčková (18) is the first Czech who has a & # 39; Make a decision to go to Barbie. Lolota Bella, as she says, has already gone through plastic work so her mother is as loyal as possible as she can do on the artificial doll.

Their scenes are more soluble than others, perhaps because they have known the hell in the past. According to she was bullying her at school, both mentally and physically. The co-workers shouted on her, destroying her, and pulled the diamond on her cabinet.

One of the colleagues came to the point that he was physically attacked, and his hair was thrown out of his head. Gabriel was day-to-day and he was thinking about the most radical solution.

Source: Instagram / lolotabella

"It was a kind of rough bullying. From day to day it was getting worse. I was so sad I was going to finish my fight in nine years and ending my life. He stopped me from frightening my parents and the home education opportunity that I graduated for the last two years, "said Lolota , which has been rough in the past and is now a stronger one.

Now, you'd like to help children who have a problem like she did.

Source: Instagram / lolotabella

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