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La Mute on Sunday in San Mames
Lionel Messi did not respond in her & # 39; game Liga. However, in the past eight games
The performers of the entertainment players are not low because they are the captain of Barcelona. in addition to
In the middle of the century, Quintinio and Arcto Viadalas in Phillip were unhappy. Luis Suarez on the attack
I can not match myself.

Keeper of Barcelona in full game
The performance of Mark-André Tare Stageen was wonderful. Saying it's cool
Some of the stores have banned Barcelona

Barcelona at the beginning of her game
Building the weight, Bilbao got her; The first important opportunity in the eleventh moment. Midnight Artoo
Getting into the early attack when the ball was lost, ask him to protect Yuri Becherich from outside the box
Conaku shooting is caught a little lost.

Pray D-box in the 17th minute moment
Merkel Sussayet's strong view from the mid-Spanish center with a large left arm
Marc-cùil Barcelona, ​​Mark-André Tare Stageen 24th
Raul Garcia, along with the visitor, baked on bicycles.

Nelson Semedo in the 26th minute
Continue the keeper of Bilbao. At that time, Messi was about 30 yards away from Messi's released balls, and Messi had to do
The image is taken to & # 39; highest part of the crois.

Most of the time in the second half
Barcelona took control of his member and started attacking. But they can not get any chance. The other side
Inkami Williams got the chance to move into the 82nd minute. But this is a Spanish defense
Continuing, Steynne's fight against a large stroke

Add to & # 39; first minute of time
Oscar de Marcos, the Spanish Spaniard of Bilbao, leaves the field after seeing the second yellow card.
However, Barcelona could not be able to; lose one opportunity to the lowest level.

The week against Valencia
Barcelona had met two goals in the field, and Messi gave one pitch in the couple
Clì on the field And this time the team did not see the web. This is the first game in the first season in round games
He did not get it. Messi made the three drawings on the scratch.

There are 15 benefits and six drawings in 23 matches
Barcelona above 51

Atletico Madrid Saturday
Real Madrid, with 3-1 visitors in the field, is second with 45 points. Living in three numbers
Diego Simeone's team is 44

Fourth with 7 smaller points
The place is in Sevia.

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