Barça complains about


FC Barcelona is angry with the Olympique Lyonnais. The leaders of the Catholic club have even made a complaint to UEFA.

The French town and the UL really wanted some radical supporters from the FCB to enter the stadium, and the Barcelons were very much opposed. Back in Spain, they were very fast.

"The police, in coordination with Olympique Lyonnais, have decided to sell tickets for these radical support. They have been placed in the Barça partners and supporters. UEFA complained immediately, "said FC Barcelona through a Spanish daily release statement Mundo Deportivo.

The followers who traveled to France were straightforward, not to be able to do so; going through the Spanish city, and they did not have their tickets to attend the meeting. Barça told Lyonnais that the last ones did not go into the area because they were at risk.

Note that the first round of the European League, which opposed the two teams, was Tuesday, in a drag (0-0). The turn is scheduled for 13th March.

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