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“Don't write about it, what you tried to say to it. Just look at it. ”Lionel Messi's expression Pep Guardiola is more hopeful than any other. Thousands try and fail, for that magic which is a will La Pulga the field cannot be merely words.

It's less than a week since the opposition supporters at the Benito Villamarin got a trophy after taking Barcelona for 4-1 per Real Betis.

This move generated a lot of social media, but not like Beticos. When the size stands on you from a point range, you drop down, lift your arms like a confession and let it show the biggest confidence you have ever seen through your veins.

If you can't tell words about the little one, there's little that you can do. Nevertheless, here we are trying to grab his image, comparing it with the best plasters and those who visited the world.

Perhaps the most complete player of this generation, it's not surprising that Messi is working well, although the marvel is amazing and not normal.

Data are collected from and and updated to all league games to March 18. Competitions No contest is contemplated, as some of the players are not included in the competition. It is worth noting, however, that Messi's League standards are better than his league tables.

The first graphic explores comedy abilities of some of the best in the top five leagues in this season. The x-axis displays the number of key tickets each 90 minutes and so compares the players' creativity to some degree.

Comparison between playing abilities Lionel Messi and the best industry

A comparison between Lionel Messi's eye abilities with the best in the industry

The y-axis shows the xA (expected participants) every 90 minutes and so identifies the quality of the opportunities the player presents. XA is higher that the player has played more awards that are likely to be of help to him.

Jim Rodriguez has been a crucial figure in Bayern Munich's victory on Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga this season. In addition to Colombia, there is no player even near Messi in terms of the quality and quantity of the licenses determined.

Teenagers of Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva, and Chelsea's Eden Hazard are amongst the leaders leaving the people of Argentina. Paul Pogba has been excellent under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but his destructive record under Jose Mourinho is left in the third verse here.

It is clear that Messi was the best planner in the world and hugely. The five-time Ballon wins hit the world by the first custodians at a time when its position – as recorded on the score sheet – has changed. recommend that it progress.

Then, we compare the place ahead of the target with some of the people near the top of the goal rolls and their help.

As a result of the Messi goal in comparison with the best in the industry

Messi's aims will involve the best of industry

The x-axis displays the players G / xG (intended goals / objectives) of the players. A high value here means that a player has done justice to the opportunities it has been given, with the quality of these. A ratio of more than one means that the player has been over-development and vice versa.

It is clear, amongst the highest invaders, that Messi is the most abundant. Edinson Cavani and Fabio Quagliarella are close to, but still from positioning Messi as the best.

Similar to Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez have had 19 and 18 individual goals, they have also received a good service and should have more aims, with some level of opportunity t they got it.

It is not surprising that the numbers at Uruguayan read aloud well. Messi has been very generous in his negotiating process and Suarez is clear without making any loss.

The y-axis is just a guide to just visits (goals + help) for every 90 minutes. But again the Argentine is still unique. At the age of 31, graduate La Masia guides the recordes for most of the aims and it's most helpful.

He had to share the honors for either with Jadon Sancho, who has 12 help. However, no player is likely to be able to partake in the 41-strong number in this season. Kylian Mbappe – who is approaching away – has almost nine goals.

At this stage, it's almost certainly the goal that Argentine has the best argument, the best goal goal and so the best player in the world.

It's amazing that it does this at the age of 31. It is a remarkable achievement to stand at the top of your game at 33-34, as has Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo. But to come off as if he could be considered to be the world's most extreme player at 31 stunningly impressive.

Messi over the last ten years

Messi over the last ten years.

It would not be long saying that Messi would have always been the best season. The Argentina has at least 38 visits in each season over the last ten years. According to numbers, the worst season could be the best job for a typical player.

His competencies improved in 2012 when he scored 91 goals in a year, across the competition. It is not surprising that the 2011/12 and 2012/13 seasons stand out in the far end of the x-axis which represents the aims we have progressed in the last ten years. passed.

It was at a time after Guardiola that it started to fall deep and create opportunities. Thus, you will see that the last seasons on the higher axis have measured the number of key provisions that it is delivered each quarter.

The 2014/15 campaign was one of the most recent seasons. He was able to score and give away, so he played a vital role in the second round of Barcelona.

But this time he has passed himself. According to numbers, this is the best season for Messi – the player. Argentina now delivers 3.1 top awards every 90 minutes, to compensate for the lack of creativity in the team.

Also, the top player is visiting the top five leagues, visiting for the highest of any of the seasons he has left on the fort where he went completely mad.

Overall, this is the best season for Messi and if Barcelona said it was a tooth, it's perhaps the best season in the history of the sport.

The numbers have done their jobs, but he still goes down explaining some of the things the eyes saw in Argentina in the year that left or even in ten years. was over.

Although the little person continues to enjoy the game's success by dragging a new track from the magic magical every week and finding out the size of the sport t that we did not know, we can do all but to give thanks, thanks and thanks to gods for joining us in the same time as Messi.

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